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Hello! I'm Caterina and I love to capture and tell stories with photos and films with my husband Maurizio.
We spend life together and film and photograph events together. Videography and photography have always been our passion. Maurizio and I created Apulia Luxury Studio because we love to capture the emotion during live events, and then put them in a magical and moving story that stimulates the heart over and over again.

With each story, we try to create a unique product that is part of your life and part of the "Apulia Luxury Studio" world.

A wedding is a glitzy day that only happens once in a lifetime (hopefully) and is the BEST day of your life. We want to help you tell and share your story.

Our goal through videography and photography is to capture all the little details of your special day: the flowers, decorations, family and friends, the face of the groom when he first sees his bride, the intimacy, love, excitement and fun that otherwise remain fleeting moments in time.

You deserve to be able to experience and relive those moments for years to come and it is our true desire to create this for you!

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