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Wedding Destination

POSA or REPORTAGE? Two styles to the limit with big limits. We tell you ours.

For every bride her right hairstyle.

But how to choose it so as not to make a mistake? Let's listen to the advice of #lookmaker Igor D'Ambrosio.

In choosing the videographer for your wedding film there is a particular aspect that cannot be underestimated. Find out which one and why in this video.

The secret to completing the total bridal look with a perfect bouquet?

Find out in this video.

Everyone wants to look their best in photos ... but perhaps not everyone knows that whoever CONTROLS the #LIGHT , is in control of YOUR photographic #Beauty!
Find out why :)

You often ask us for advice on wedding providers and services.
To help you, we decided to give you a small 🎬 weekly video column 🎬 and give you some more ideas.

To start...
Have you already chosen the place to celebrate your #wedding ?
❤️ Salento offers wonderful ones! ❤️
Let's start with knowing a fairytale one!

Ps 👉 If you have any questions or suggestions on topics you would like to hear, or places to see, write to us and we will try to accommodate you!

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